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Fall 2018 Style Guide

Every year people beg for the seasons to change from Summer to Fall in hopes of cold weather, wardrobe changes and enforced layering; I am here to tell you that I am not one of those people. It may come as bit of a surprise to many you, but this fashionista prefers her spring-summer wardrobe over the required clothing the colder months bring. While the Holiday season is my favorite time of the year, I constantly dread trying to stay both warm and fashionable during the fourth quarter, and I'm probably the only fashion enthusiast who feels this way. In order to help both myself and the other people out there who share my exact sentiments, I have created a Fall Style Guide. This guide will offer fun and creative ways to elevate your wardrobe and offer looks that you may not have even thought of.

Photography: Juan Burton


Below are the winners of the clothing poll I took on my instagram earlier this season. I created a poll placing popular articles of clothing against one another and asked my audience which ones they would like to see me style. Each article has been styled by myself, another female and a male to give multiple perspectives.

Sweater Weather

This was definitely a close race between sweaters and cardigans. Nonetheless, sweaters came out with the win. While I'm all here for the traditional knit sweater, shag sweaters and fur sweaters have been the leading trend this Fall. I've observed that the fall season is full of notorious neutral tones but I have distanced myself from the bunch and leaned more towards color. I am all for a bold statement when styling looks, and what's more bold than pairing animal print with color? I'll wait.

Boots Made 4 Walkin'

I paired boots against sneakers as a competitor because I figured everyone knew how to style boots during "boot season" of course! Sneakers would be a challenging twist in the fall time, however, boots were still the a long shot. So instead of teaching you how to style them (since I'm certain you are all so capable) I will be giving you some styling tips or tricks I should say. Pictured above I have taken some latex ankle boots ($10 from Forever 21) and paired them with some latex/vinyl leggings (Boohoo). The trick is to pull the leggings over the boots to look like one thigh-high shoe. I cannot tell you how many people thought I was wearing thigh-high boots in this photo. Men, cop you a pair of Chelsea Boots and live your best life. I personally like seeing Chelsea boots with a pair of track pants or a colored tailored pant. Avoid the black jeans, black turtleneck and tan trench coat outfit this season...please.

Let Me “Jog” your Memory:

This is a fun and probably unexpected one! Growing as a staple part of both men and women’s wardrobes, joggers have worked their way out of the athletic department and into ready-to-wear fashion. You can dress them up or down but I’m pretty sure they are still banned in the club. My favorite way to rock joggers is of course with a pair of heels. For men, I would suggest pairing them with a blazer or leather jacket during the fall season. This is a quick way to elevate your look from loungewear to casual wear. The more bold the addition, the more "swagged" out you will look. My favorite look is this monochromatic jogger set with an added fur coat. Add drama pieces to your looks and watch your outfit transform.

Blaze It Up!

I am a sucker for a good blazer...but make it fashion. Meaning give me double-breasted, a bold color, vintage detailing or a fye print. If you're planning on rocking a blazer this season, promise me it wont be a neutral color. Black gets a pass but gray and navy give me snooze fest (unless it has any of the featured I just mentioned). Basically just don't be basic. If you do a grey blazer, pair it with a red or maroon pair of pants. If you do a navy blazer, pair it with a camel sweater with a multi color loafer. It's almost 2019 and life is too short to look basic. My favorite male instagram model/influencer is Jovel Roystan, and he looks to die for in this orange blazer pictured below. Any of my male readers brave enough to go that bold?

Scarf it Down

Imma keep it real with ya chief...Scarfs don't do much for me in terms of style. They are, however, ideal for warmth. I realize that was probably not what you were expecting me to say, but you can only do so much with them. I prefer to wrap them around my neck as if it were a collar. I know some people like to tie them creatively but I'm not a fan of how they look in that state. I do love me a good "blarf" or blanket-scarf. Those are the huge scarfs that could also pass as blankets. I have one pictured in the gallery above. Lastly, infinity scarfs. These are another one of my preferences in the category. They are pre-connected and wrap around your neck like a figure 8. Perfect for cold activities like ice skating or skiing. Bottom line: keep it simple, add some color but don't get crazy.

Leather Jacket: Hack It

Who has a go-to leather jacket in their closet? EVERYONE! I took my basic leather jacket from H&M and added a custom ruffle vest to make it look a little more fun, flirty, and fashionable. This same aesthetic can be done with a fur vest as well. The synonymous affect can be applied to menswear by using a hoodie underneath. The layering affect is what I like to refer to this as. I have also seen this done using a blazer in place of a hoodie. I selected the above picture of a guy rocking his leather piece with a printed dress shirt underneath. I feel like this look is easy to attain and appears clean and polished; two adjective that are rarely used to describe any guy, or person for that matter, rocking a leather jacket.

Well, there you have it folks! Thank you so much for taking the time to read my Fall Style Guide. I hope you found it both informative and entertaining. Subscribe, share with your friends and stay warm this Holiday season!

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