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we're here to answer all of your questions...especially the frequently asked ones!

Can I get a refund on my order?

Unfortunately, Janna Yvonne does not offer refunds for any order. All of the items are custom made and require time and materials to complete. Each payment covers fabric/supplies, shipping, and labor. Each product is listed as final sale on the store page. If you have any questions or concerns with your order please email at

If there are issues with my order upon arrival, what can I do?

Because all orders are custom made and are equated to US standard sizes along with the customer's submitted measurements, you are more than welcome to send it back to Janna Yvonne for alterations. Janna Yvonne will not cover any postage fees in order to complete this service but will make the desired adjustments for free. If extensive alterations are requested, Janna Yvonne is permitted to charge for the changes at our discretion.


If it is a manufacture error on our end, we are more than happy to make the repair and send it back to you free of charge. You have 30 days to make this request from the day your order is shipped. 

Can I get a refund on my order, if it is not delivered on time?

Unfortunately, Janna Yvonne does not offer refunds for any order. Janna Yvonne strictly uses USPS as a delivery service because they are the only service who delivers priority mail (all orders are shipped Priority Mail -2 Day Shipping) on the weekends and delivers directly to your door in most buildings. We have had issues with UPS and Fedex in the past. If for any reason your order does not come by your requested date, that is no longer in my control. Each order comes with its designated tracking number. Janna Yvonne pays an additional charge to ensure that your package is delivered within 2-3 days from when is dispatched. If you experience any delays or your package is lost, please contact your local postal service. 

If I'm not satisfied with my order, what can I do?

Janna Yvonne takes the time to ask for each customer's vision for all custom orders. After a step by step process, each order is then fully executed based on that consultation. If you receive your order and you are not satisfied, please contact We are always looking for feedback on how to improve our products and services. For more specific issues with your order, please see the above questions. All store orders are true to size and final sale.

For any other order inquiries, please email or find us on ETSY!
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